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The vocabulary is vital for learning a language. We make the obnoxious learning of vocabulary interesting and exciting, without demanding too much of your precious time. You just have to deal with the topic no more than 5 minutes a day, as it happens daily. It is a known phenomenon of the educational theory, that the continuous learning, step by step, is considerably more efficient than the batch learning.


Test our Word-of-the-day email!


The ideal way to improve your vocabulary on a regular basis. Simply subscribe to our WOTD Email-Service and you will receive one word Portuguese via email every working day.


The WOTD Email comes each weekday with one word in Portuguese and you can be easily unsubscribe from that service, in case you should not like it.


Portuguese mail básico

The basic edition of the WOTD email is perfect for beginners or learners that cannot speak that much Portuguese yet respectively.

Portuguese mail superior

Is intended for advanced learners that are able to speak Portuguese pretty well already and want to improve and refine their skills. The words as well as the sample sentences assume a level, that equivalents to two years of Portuguese lessons.

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